As parents we teach our children to be safe in a wide range of circumstances. Children learn at a young age to look both ways, wear their seat belts and put on their bike helmets. We teach them not to talk to strangers, how to call 911 and what to do if they hear the fire detector, all in an effort to help them know what to do in case of an emergency.

Preparing a 72 hour kit with your child is another important way to prepare your family in the event of an emergency. Having your child gather items on the list is a fun way for children to become involved in emergency preparedness. As Molly says “Don’t be scared, be prepared!”

Additional resources for you and your family:
Visit for a more comprehensive list of additional items you may wish to include in your emergency kit.
Visit for all your essential emergency items, as well as fully assembled 72 hour emergency kits.
Watch these sesame street video’s with your children “Family Emergency kit” and “Planning together” as another fun way to help children learn how to get prepared.
For a printable activity booklet that your child may enjoy, visit